Brits Rely on Technology to Flirt

Brits Rely on Technology to Flirt

Brits have ditched face-to-face flirting in favour of tech flirting, using acronyms, emoticons and pokes to woo a potential partner rather than more traditional methods.

Despite flirting being on the up, with us flirting on average 6 times a week, the majority of Brits have admitted that it’s easier to do it via technology rather than face-to-face.

In fact, it’s becoming so popular that 43 per cent of young Brits use technology to flirt most of, or all of the time.

Traditional flirting isn’t dead quite yet, Oasis Mango Medley found that we still register traditional methods such as regular eye contact, flirty laughing and prolonged glances.

Unfortunately though, we’re more likely to use winky emoticons, email banter or a poke on Facebook to get someone to notice us.

When it comes to the long term, it is still believed that paying someone a compliment, a cheeky smile and playful teasing are the best methods of flirting.

Despite being shy when it comes to flirting face-to-face, young Brits aren’t shy about their flirting skills.

Nearly nine in ten think of themselves as great flirts and just over 20 per cent said that they will often flirt without even knowing they’re doing it.

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