Brits List Bad Breath as Biggest Pre-Date Worry

Brits List Bad Breath as Biggest Pre-Date Worry

The list of things we worry about before we go on a date is constantly getting longer and longer but new research shows that bad breath is still coming out on top.

The last thing you want is your date shying away from you every time you open your mouth to talk and it’s a big worry for Brits.

They worry about it so much that they would put it before their choice of outfit, worrying about whether they look fat, or how they smell.

Bad breath was also voted as one of the biggest turn offs on a date, with three quarters of people saying they wouldn’t bother with a second date if their date had bad breath.

So what other things should we avoid when going on a date?

Well, the biggest turn off was voted as body odour – no one wants to be holding their breath in fear of gagging on a date!

At number two came bad breath and at number 3 came excessive sweating, so remember to invest in a good anti-perspirant.

It seems that teeth can have a massive effect on how people feel about their date as CB12 found 58 per cent of daters said they would be turned off if their date had bad teeth!

James Preece, a top UK dating expert, said, “It’s completely natural for people to get pre- dates nerves, especially on a first date when first impressions are so important. 

“Bad breath is clearly causing a huge amount of angst amongst daters, yet thankfully there are products out there such as CB12 which can help. 

“Confidence is key when it comes to dating as when people ooze confidence they appear more attractive to others - addressing pre-dates concerns boosts chances of having a fantastic date.”

What’s your biggest pre-date worry? Does bad breath make your top turn off list? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK

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