Women are wearing old underwear instead of pretty undewear

Women are wearing old underwear instead of pretty undewear

It’s customary to wear a nice pairing a matching underwear when you know you’ll be getting lucky but many women are letting standards slip when it comes to their sexy lingerie.

MyVoucherCodes.co.uk have found that women are suffering from underwear embarrassment when enticing a man.

Incredibly, 39 per cent of women have admitted to having at least three pieces of barely useable/old underwear in their possession!

Even more surprisingly, 26 per cent have said that they have been caught out wearing old or unflattering underwear when getting intimate.

The most shocking factor is that 57 per cent of those women who had been caught said that it didn’t spur them on to buy themselves some new underwear.

Respondents were initially asked how often they bought new underwear, to which the majority, 51 per cent, said ‘once a year,’ while 28 per cent said they shopped for underwear ‘once a month’.

In contrast, 12 per cent said that they ‘hardly ever’ shopped for their undergarments, whilst 9 per cent of respondents said that they bought underwear ‘a few times a year’.

Those respondents who said that they were reluctant to throw away their old underwear were then asked to explain their reasons why.

The majority, 56 per cent, admitted that no one else would see it if they still wore it, while 31 per cent claimed that they were unable to afford to update their underwear collection and 13 per cent said that it was a ‘waste’ to discard clothes that could still be used.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of MyVoucherCodes.co.uk, said, “I’m sure every woman can remember the very famous scene in the Bridget Jones movie when poor Bridget is about to snuggle up with her boyfriend and then realises with horror that she has put on unflattering underwear.

“With that in mind, we wanted to discover how many women would admit to owning old, ripped, unusable or just downright unflattering underwear and were quite surprised to discover that British women own at least 3 pairs of truly unusable underwear.”

“What is even more interesting is just how many women have had the Bridget Jones experience and have been caught out wearing their unflattering underpants when intimate! The best bet is to always make sure that, when going out, you are wearing clothes that make you look and feel your best. Better to be safe than sorry!”

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