The First Date

The First Date

Don't fret we here at Female First have put together what we think makes the perfect date outfit and will make you feel confident and relaxed and hopefully bag you that second date if you want it.


The dreaded date to the cinema, should you dress up or down? You don't want to look too keen but you want to look like effort has been made on your part.

You should stick to the more casual look opting for leggings and jeans on your bottom half with a tunic top or motif t-shirt on your top.

Pair with flat shoes, either ballet pumps or go for the smarter look stepping out in a pair of brogues.

If you still feel like your outfit needs taking up a notch, stand out with some oversized earrings and a cocktail ring to finish off your look which will see you rocking the grunge look.

It can be tempting to go a little overboard, especially with it being your first date but sticking in the smart yet casual zone is your safest option.

This would also work for bowling or any activity dates that are sure to bring you great joy.

The Zoo

More people go on a first date to the Zoo, more then you would believe.  It's the perfect place to talk and get to know one another as well as discussing your favourite animals.

If you're heading to the Zoo at this time of the year, the most difficult decision you will face is keeping warm yet looking stylish at the same time.

A great coat that manages to strike the right balance of keeping you warm yet sophisticated would be a belted coat.

They show off your shape and all fears of you looking frumpy go out the window as it will bring your whole look together.

If you struggle to keep warm, why not wear a hooded jumper, yes it might not be the best advice for a first date but it will keep you warm and it won't be visible underneath your coat.

Team your belted coat with some skinny jeans to create the overall perfect look, aiming for sensible footwear on your feet as you may stand in something unpleasant at the zoo.

Opt for the classic UGG boots or ankle boots but if you like to be kept warm then the first option is the one for you.

If keeping warm is not you greatest fear then swap the hooded jumper for a motif t-shirt keeping it fun yet playful at the same time.

Make sure you take your gloves and scarf and team them with a cute woolly hat that has built in ears and face giving you a quirky signature look.

This would also work for any dates that would require you to spend time in the great outdoors, which lets face it men love and women hate.

Restaurant/Casual Drinks

Restaurants and causal dates for us mean the same outfit, they both require you to put a bit more effort in than what you usually would do if you were going to the cinema or Zoo. So lets step up the game.

Make sure your outfit suits the restaurant you are going to, do not follow this advice if you are going to any fast food chain, that is not classed as a restaurant.

For a first date at a restaurant why not dig out that trusty LBD jazzing it up with some bow, love hearts or spot detailing tights or you could  just opt for the plain black.

If a dress isn't your cup of tea then aim for jeans, smart top and a nice pair of heels just to add that extra effect.

Dresses and jeans aren't for everyone and if you feel more conformable in leggings pair them with a long tunic top or a floral dress. To add more depth to the outfit team with a blazer or coat, the choice is yours.

Add some sparkle to the outfit with an oversized cocktail ring, chunky necklace and earrings paired with a clutch bag. You are then good to go.

A first date is always a daunting nervous experience, we all have to go through them to meet the perfect man.

Some end in disaster while some are the start of many happy years to come, a key piece of information is to be comfortable and be yourself.

There is nothing worse then having to eat a meal or sit through a film feeling self conscious because you wore the wrong outfit.

Feeling comfortable in yourself will have more time enjoying yourself then worrying about what you are wearing.

Female First Natalie Broxton

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  1. by Tim 10th Jan 2010 16:55

    Ladies, both leggings and skinny jeans are unflattering and not sexy at all.

    Skirts and dresses with nylons (NOT woolly opaque tights) are the way to go if you want to be feminine and impress your man.

  2. by A.G. 13th Mar 2011 17:40

    I agree with Tim. I am going on a date to the Zoo. I plan on wearing a knee length sun dress, sandals, and jean jacket or cardigan. The sundress is cute, feminine, and flirty.

  3. by Jasmine 02nd Sep 2011 13:50

    i totally disagree. i personally hate dresses but i think they suit most women, i think leggings aren't attractive but i think jeans to suit some people. when i go out i tend to dress t... Read More