Couples Prefer PJs to Sleeping in the Buff

Couples Prefer PJs to Sleeping in the Buff

There is nothing more romantic than snuggling down with your partner after a long day and feeling your skin against theirs.

Wrong – according to new research, two thirds of Brits prefer sleeping in pyjamas than sleeping nude.

Only 15 per cent of couples said that they often sleep in the nude and 21 per cent said they would only sleep in their underwear.

Of the 64 per cent that slept in pyjamas and the ones that chose to sleep in underwear, 54 per cent of them said they didn’t feel comfortable sleeping naked.

Sadly, a quarter of respondents said the reason they slept clothed was because they didn’t want their partner to see them naked.

To add to this, 12 per cent of respondents said that there partner almost never saw them naked.

Over a third of Brits said their partner saw them naked every day and 41 per cent said their partner saw them naked at least once a week.

The big question is, do women wear sexy pyjamas when choosing to sleep in them? The answer is no.

The most popular pyjamas for women were the flannel sets with only 8 per cent saying they would wear negligees to bed.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, said, “We Britons love our pyjamas, and it’s clear from our research that couples opt for comfort over potential romance when choosing their sleepwear.

“What you choose to wear is of course entirely up to you, and it seems that neither men nor women feel comfortable sleeping in the buff!”

“It may seem odd to spend a lot on sleep wear, particularly as hardly anyone sees what you wear to bed. However, we’d always recommend comfort as the most important factor; and it’s clear that women in the UK don’t see negligees as more comfy than a good old flannel set!”

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  1. by Eileen 12th Nov 2012 09:13

    Yes, it's absolutely true that most women don't want to see their husband naked during sleeping. I also saw a survey on a sample of more than 2400 females with the same question. I remembered that 83.6% of the women doesn't want to see a naked guy on her bed.

  2. by Starshine 17th Nov 2012 19:57

    Eileen (FF Visitor) wrote:You can the read the full article at:

    Yes, it's absolutely true that most women don't want to see their husband naked during sleeping.

    Not a problem for me because when I sleep I close my eyes :lol:

    Aside from that what about the comfort issue?

  3. by H. Franklin Layne 23rd Nov 2012 23:16

    Mac wrote:
    H. Franklin Layne wrote: The bed is his, she'll have to get used to it! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    That is a rather sexist point of view.

    Who are you talking to??? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :piggy: :piggy: :twisted: :twisted: