British Kitchens See More Action Than The Bedroom as 95% Of Brits Confess To Sexual Antics In The Kitchen

New research carried out by Indesit - the number 2 UK domestic appliance brand - has lifted the lid on what Brits are really getting up to in the kitchen, revealing that among the 95% of those ‘sexing it up’, 40% of these people admit to having sex in the kitchen.

More than 1,000 people surveyed came clean on what they really get up to around the home, unveiling that the supposedly ‘more mature’ are the most mischievous group; one in five over 55 year olds admit to having had an affair in the kitchen.

It also seems that British women are spicing up their love life and taking love making to another level, with 15% of females admitting to having sex against an appliance in their kitchen.

When it comes to the men, one in five admit to cooking naked in the kitchen suggesting that British males have taken to celebrating their body whilst preparing their Sunday roast!

Ian Moverley, Indesit Company Brand Manager commented: "We are aware that the kitchen is the hub of the home, although this research indicates it is clearly seeing the most action in the house! Indesit appliances have always encouraged a We Work, You Play attitude, but it seems saucy Brits are no longer whiter than white as they take play-time to another level."

Indesit’s research also indicates that Brits are not just getting physically 'down and dirty' in the kitchen; it appears that our culinary practices are far from being 'squeaky clean' when it comes to cooking. One in five British males admit to dropping food on the kitchen floor and then proceeding to serve it up to an unsuspecting guest.

5% admitted dishing up food which had a pet eat or lick some food which they have then dished up for dinner. Equally as revolting, 5% of 18 to 24 year olds confess to having spat in a dish before serving it up to someone they dislike!