Sex Positions

Sex Positions

Woman on Top, is where the man gets to rest and the women does the work. What’s really nice about the woman being on top is that men like to watch and there's a whole lot for him to see from his point of view.

Besides, now that he’s not so busy thrusting, he has time and free hands for other things like fondling her breasts or stroking her clitoris.

The plus for a woman is she has total control over how deeply and how hard she is penetrated. She can also position herself in many ways that can stimulate all different parts of her vagina.

The basic version has the woman on top with her partner lying flat on his back, while the woman kneels and straddles his penis, then places her knees on either side of his hips. With the woman in this position she can control the focus of stimulation by leaning forward or backward.

Leaning forward gives more clitoral stimulation and leaning backward increases vaginal stimulation. This also allows for that important eye contact.

She also has the option of being a little dominant, holding her lovers arms down while riding him.

The man benefits from this because his hands can stroke her breasts or nipples, or simply lie back and enjoy, as a variation try straddling your partner the same way, but backwards, facing away from him.

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