Sexy Slang’s Naughty & Nice Charades: App of the Week

Sexy Slang’s Naughty & Nice Charades: App of the Week

App: Sexy Slang’s Naughty & Nice Charades

Available On: iOS Devices

Price: A Free Version and Upgrade Version for £1.49

What is it?

You’ve all played charades at one point in your life, right? Well, instead of becoming highly bored and frustrated with your Nana’s impression of a chicken, this version brings a whole new twist to the traditional and popular game.

Instead of guessing films or books, with this app you’ll be guessing phrases such as ‘booty call’ and ‘spooning’. Not only does it give the game a naughty, youthful twist but it also adds the element of competition.

You’re in teams and are against the clock, with a member of each time having to act out the charade at the same time with a 2 minute window for the other team members to guess the answer. Whichever team gets it right first, gets the point.

We Love:

It’s a great game for nights in with other couples or even just to break the ice when introducing your new partner to your friends. It definitely beats countless double dates to restaurants you tired of years ago!

Whoever you choose to play it with, it’s hilariously fun and you can’t finish the game without a stitch from laughing so hard.

It’s really easy to get the hang of, and it’s great the both teams go head to head instead of going separately because if your team mate is horrendous at acting it out, you can always go off the other players actions instead.


Charades is designed to keep people entertained for hours and the problem with the free version of this game is that it will struggle to keep you entertained for half an hour.

There are only 11 different charades in the free version, which means once you’ve flown through them, you’ll be left to find your own entertainment – something you don’t want when you’re entertaining new friends.

Of course, the idea is to give you a taste and make you buy the upgraded version which has more charades to guess at but it seems a little unfair, especially as the upgrade exceeds the acceptable 99p that most of us would have no issue with paying.


The app is really great fun and is something fresh and new for couples and friends to try out. Although games like this have existed previously, it’s good that it’s available in an app as it doesn’t require planning and can simply be downloaded at any time.

The free app is fun, but wears thin really quickly so it would be nice to see a few more charades, or even reduce the upgrade from £1.49 to 99p as it would be much better value for money and increase the amount of buyers.

Overall, a fun app which gives a breath of fresh air to a traditional game, with just a few changes it would be perfect.

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