Men Spend Majority of Income on Their Partner

Men Spend Majority of Income on Their Partner

A study into the UK’s generosity has revealed that men are the most generous when it comes to splashing the cash, with 21 per cent spending the majority of their disposable income on their partner, compared to just 9 per cent of women.

The survey of 3,399 people, carried out by online retailer BrandAlley in association with YouGov, looked into the nations buying habits, and how they prioritise spending their disposable income between themselves, their partner, children, friends and family.

As well as a strong gender divide, the survey also tracked regional variations and found the North East to be the most generous region with 69 per cent spending most of their spare cash on others, compared to just 45 per cent of Londoners.

It also revealed a clear North-South divide when it comes to the most generous regions. Just behind the North East’s 69 per cent is Scotland, where 66 per cent spend the majority of their disposable income on others, followed by Wales and Yorkshire.

From the Midlands down, the amount of people that spend their disposable income on themselves dramatically increases. Londoners are the least generous, with 55 per cent spending most of their cash on themselves, followed by the East Midlands with 43 per cent and the South East with 41 per cent.

The study proved however that we are not a selfish nation overall. Of the 3,399 people questioned, an average of 64 per cent revealed a large proportion of their annual disposable income is in fact spent on others.

Although December might be the official season for giving, throughout the year most spend their spare cash on their family (31 per cent), followed by children (21 per cent), partner (11 per cent) and finally friends, with 1 per cent lavishing more money on their pals than themselves.

Rob Feldmann, CEO of designer discount retailer BrandAlley who carried out the study, said, “December is traditionally a time when everyone is in the mood for giving, so we thought it would be interesting to ask consumers about their spending habits throughout the year, and find out where the majority of their disposable income goes.

“We were shocked to find out how many more Londoners spend the majority of their money on themselves, which highlighted a clear North-South divide when it comes to the most generous regions.

“It is also interesting to note that men spend more on their partners than women – it seems that even in this age of equality, when it comes to gift-giving chivalry is not dead!

“At BrandAlley we saw a 60 per cent increase in sales last year, defying the typical retail trend. It seems that increasingly consumers are focussed on making their money go as far as possible, whether buying something for themselves or as a gift, making discount sites like BrandAlley the perfect place to spend their disposable income and ensure they get more for their money.”

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