Brits Regret Buying Gifts for Ex-Lovers

Brits Regret Buying Gifts for Ex-Lovers

New research from shows that women are being the more frugal sex this year by spending less on their partner than their partner will spend on them.

This could be down to the fact that 17 per cent of Brits admitted that they regretted how much they spent on their ex-lovers.

Research into the Christmas spending patterns of UK’s adults further reveals it is younger adults aged between 18 and 34 who most regret their festive spending on ex-lovers.

One in four regret spending money on their ex’s presents, unsurprisingly 39 per cent of adults said it was because they broke up with their partner soon after giving them.

However, 35 per cent of women also stated they didn’t think their partner was worth spending that much money on, whilst just 25 per cent of men said the same.

The research also shows that these feelings may be impacting how much money men and women plan to spend on each other’s Christmas presents this year, especially if they are at the start of a new relationship.

Men who have been dating their partner for less than three months, for example, plan to spend an average of £38.40 on their loved one, whilst women plan to spend a more modest £21.60.

However, the research also revealed a disconnect between what men and women think their partners will spend on them vs. how much they will actually spend.

Whilst men think their partners will spend £100 on them they are actually planning on spending less at £93.50 on average.

Similarly, women think their partners will spend £87.50, when they are actually planning to spend a lot more at £131.90 on average. 

When it comes to buying the presents themselves, it seems women get it more right than men, with two thirds of men stating their current partner is the best at buying Christmas presents for them, compared to just four in 10 females.

Clare Francis, personal finance expert at said, “The last 12 months have been difficult for many people across the UK, especially as budgets have been stretched, and many people may find they don’t have much spare cash around this Christmas.

“With this in mind, it might explain why couples in new relationships are planning to keep their spending relatively controlled when it comes to buying their new partner a Christmas present.

“However, they may also be hedging their bets and want to see how the relationship turns out as well! With 8.4 million adults already saying they regret spending so much money on previous partners presents, it could be that sensible adults are really trying to watch their spending when in a new relationship this year.”

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