Dating: Biggest Texting Turn Offs Revealed

Dating: Biggest Texting Turn Offs Revealed

Despite having 20 years of us trying to get text etiquette right, we’re still going wrong on a few fatal points.

The main errors were found to be that we are bombarding potential dates too much, as well as not replying promptly enough.

If you ask us, it seems that we can’t get it right for trying! We’re texting too much, but not replying quickly enough – it’s mind boggling.

As the dating scene becomes more and more competitive, wanted to find out what makes us Brits tick and what makes the smoke explode from our ears when it comes to dating.

When it came to turn offs the biggest ones were being bombarded with too many texts and also the respondent not replying quickly enough to our texts.

When it came to turn ons, sexting seemed to reach the top spot with 79 per cent of men and 70 per cent of woman admitting to doing it.

In general people prefer to text someone than actually ring them, although men said that as the relationship progressed, they would rather talk via phone than text.

The research also revealed that the length of time between the date and the next point of contact is similar between the sexes.

Most people said they would wait a day before making contact with their date again.

But what happens when your relationship comes to an end? Is face to face better or is text completely acceptable?

Women are more likely to find ending a relationship by text acceptable with 39 per cent of them saying it is something they would do!

Sean Wood, Communications Director at Cupid Plc, said, “Texting has its place when dating. It can be a great way of communicating when you are too shy to say it and a great way to break the ice after a date.

“But there is a time and a place for it, sometimes nothing can replace a face-to-face conversation.”

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