Men: Don't Comment On Your Partner's Weight!

Men: Don't Comment On Your Partner's Weight!

We all know there are things that are better left unsaid in a relationship, and answering ‘yes’ to the question ‘does my bum look big in this?’ is one of them!

Out of 600 women polled by hair product retailer, 52 per cent of them said this was the worst thing a man could say.

Diaries were made for a reason and it seems that men should invest heavily in them, as the second biggest relationship faux pas was forgetting an important date.

Men expect women to look nice for them, so for 15 per cent of women, when their man doesn’t notice their new haircut, it’s simply unacceptable behaviour.

In fourth place came the issue of cooking. Eleven per cent of women thought it was out of order for men to criticise their cooking.

Comically, 3 per cent of women found it highly annoying when their man would refuse to ask for directions when lost.

Francesca Davies from said, “Most men think that when it comes to appearances and remembering important dates, women are rather highly strung. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Us girls spend a considerable amount of time and money trying to look our best, so you can imagine our fury when this goes unnoticed.

“Our poll highlighted mistakes which men generally only tend to make once. Most receive a day in the dog house and reform their ways. Only a fool would dare to make one of these faux pas twice.”

One woman who took part in the survey added, “Life is hard for a woman when you think we have to compare to the Cheryl Coles and Kate Middleton’s of this world. We are not all svelte supermodels with perfect teeth and hair.

“So a comment like ‘It looks like someone’s been at the pies again’ is extremely hurtful – men should know better!”

However, one man doesn’t believe men are being treated fairly when it comes to relationship faux pas.

He said, “Once again this shows us the double standards the so called fairer sex set us guys.

“They can criticise our weight, our cooking, not notice that we’ve been to the barbers, or even forget our birthday and we are expected to laugh it off.”


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