Bonjela Junior have released a list of typical teen traits, but when I read through them- I thought -do we ever really grow up? For a lot of these I still do and my partner certainly does, so are we just kids playing at an adults game?

Top 20 typical teens traits found in relationships

Sulking- Yep me and my partner do this every time we have a bad day at work or it’s close to pay day and we can’t afford anything or when I am on a diet and can’t eat what I want- but he can.

Texting all the time- After the usual pleasantries of ‘hello’ and ‘would you like a brew?’- we migrate to opposite ends of the couch and tap on our phones- catching up on the day’s worth of texts- of which there is usually none because the only person who texts you is your fella- so you send texts out to people in the hope of a reply.

Surfing the internet- Ah the fountain of knowledge for medical issues when neither of you can be bothered to go to the doctors.

Using the floor as a wardrobe- I put a washing basket in the bedroom- yet somehow we both seem to ignore it- leaving our clothes to decorate the floor and once a week I pick them all up in a laundry rage vowing that we will stop this as of next week- and we don’t.

Shouting at you or about something- A regular contributor to relationship dialogue- it gets the point across perfectly!

Having the TV on loudly- I have to bang on the bedroom floor to get my fella to turn the TV down at night- I might as well be sat downstairs with him as I can hear every word.

Arguing with you- Relationships are full of things you don’t agree on and you can talk about them calmly or have an argument and the some make up sex- it’s so worth it!

Answering back- As adults we learn that this never gets you anywhere but we know how to push our partner’s buttons and sometimes we get a weird kick out of it!

Spending hours on social network websites- Shall we socialise with each other? Nah- I would rather talk to these 1,000 ‘friends’ I have on the go instead on Facebook. We can talk when we’re old! I might show you a funny video or cute picture every now and again if you’re lucky!

Asking for a lift- Every time he goes out- the expectation is that you will be the designated taxi so he can have a drink. Then he offers a lift to all his mates without asking you and before you know it you are driving with 6 men in the back of your car hoping that a policeman is nowhere near.

Lots of time spent sleeping- Weekends are time to kick back and sleep like you used to when you had no job or responsibility- and guess what? We still got it!

Grumbling about nothing in particular- Work has not gone great- traffic was a nightmare, you don’t know what to have for tea- you can’t be bothered to go to the gym- nothing has really gone wrong with your day but you just hate the world anyway and your partner gets the brunt of your unspeakable slump.

Eating all of the food in the fridge- It’s like having locusts in our house- as soon as there is some exciting food in the fridge after a big supermarket stock up- it’s gone quicker than you can say ‘weekly shopping budget’.

Telling you how unfair it all is- We might have a roof over our heads both be in jobs- both have cars, great family, friends and pets, food in our bellies and regular trips away but still- we choose to find something that is not going our way and get jealous of lottery winners of people better off than us.

Slamming doors- If you can’t find the words I give my partner a good door slam to make my point for me.

Obsessing about what they look like- What your partner thinks means everything- so if he doesn’t like your outfit or worse says nothing about your appearance then you start to freak out that he’s fallen out of love with you, when really he just doesn’t give a rat’s ass about clothes.

Singing loudly- My man gets a song in his head and that’s it- like the cd is jammed in the player- it’s like a form of torture.

Asking for money all the time- I never carry about cash so I’m always asking my partner for money- luckily he does or we would be utterly screwed when it comes to toll bridges and parking.

Spending hours in the bathroom- If men want us to look sexy for them this is the only answer- we are not hairless- sweet smelling- clean creatures without effort- but hey if you want us to look like a something that just rolled out of a bog- then go ahead use the bathroom first.

‘Tutting’- You know how much it irritates your partner to tut- it means disapproval but without explanation and then he asks you what you mean by the tut and the argument ensues- then the makeup sex happens.


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