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I've known this guy for a few years, he's 26 and I'm 24 we've dated before, but we were sort of pushed in to it by our friends and neither of us was ready for a relationship. Recently we both confessed that we still had feelings for one another, we've been seeing each other for 3 months now and although I'm completely ready to take the next step and become a couple, he's dragging his feet and won't even sleep with me. He insists that he does have feelings for me and does want to, he just keeps saying he needs more time. Should I just cut my losses? I feel like we're never going to get anywhere.

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 Should I cut my losses?

Should I cut my losses?

At least you can rest assured the he is not using you for just the physical side of a relationship- if he was, he would have done the deed by now and still be dragging his feet. The fact that you two haven’t made love yet, might suggest that there is something else at work here. Perhaps he is not ready for a relationship and got swept up in the moment only to find that he was happier when you were friends.

It could be that he feels pressure from your friends for a second time to make it work and he is doubtful that it will because it didn’t with you the first time. He might be worried about your friendship that you have just recovered and apprehensive about losing it.

If in your gut you feel like this is not going to move on to where you want it to, then perhaps it’s time to cut your losses. Why not talk to him about your frustrations? Especially after you both agreed to give things another go. Try to find out why, if he felt doubt, that he agreed to give your relationship a second chance.

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