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Hi Lucy, 

I have a question I'm embarrassed by. I enjoy having sex a lot with my husband, my nipples are extremely sensitive to the point where I can orgasm just by my nipples being fondled, kissed, tweaked, bitten etc. 

I pretty much won't get wet if I don't have some kind of nipple play. 

Here's where I’m starting to worry- we are trying for a baby and I'm extremely concerned about my breasts. At this point in time they are purely sexual and used for both mine and his pleasure, but I’m worried they’ll no longer be sexual. 

I'm concerned about breastfeeding. Do they suddenly stop being sexual objects or do some women become aroused when breastfeeding? I've looked online and can't really find any useful information.


Hi Fern,

Agony Aunts on Female First

Agony Aunts on Female First

Firstly, you are worrying about a problem that hasn't even happened yet so try not to let it dampen your spirits while you're trying and just enjoy sex with your husband as you have been.

What I would say is when the times comes- talk to your midwife about the length of time you want to breastfeed for and what is recommended. This can differ from woman to woman. You might find that it's too uncomfortable, so perhaps just see how your body reacts.

If you don't take to breastfeeding- your body will naturally get the message within a week or two that it's not needed and eventually stop producing the milk.

It's possible that during this time your breasts might be too tender to find your partner's touch arousing so you may have to find other ways to reach orgasm if this does happen. You never know you might find that another part of your body is just as sensitive.

Most new mothers are advised to hold off sex for six weeks after birth anyway- so it might be worth letting your body tell you when it's ready to be intimate with your partner again and see how things go.

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