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Hey Lucy,

So there is this guy I went on a date with the other day, and it went great really. I thought we had clicked, we spoke for a few days then out of the blue he said he didn't want this to go anywhere, I really like him though. I’m also a singer and he kept saying he wanted to hear my voice, do you think serenading him by surprise is a good idea or creepy?


Hi Jay,

 Or is it creepy?

Or is it creepy?

If you talked about the singing thing before he said he didn’t want it to go any further, then perhaps this would not bring him back to you. It is polite to offer to listen to someone when they tell you that they are singer so he may have been doing it to avoid being rude.

If he is still in touch and shows a keen interest in your music then perhaps send him a link to your You Tube or a disc of some of your singing. If you sing to him when he least expects it he might not look favourably upon it.

The very idea of serenading someone typically shows romantic interest. You may still have that on your part but if he doesn’t then perhaps leave the live performances for someone who will take them in the manner in which they are intended.

Alternatively, you could ask him- acknowledge that he doesn’t want any more dating but enquire if he would still be interested in listening to your work.

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