Selina asks :

Hi Lucy,

My boyfriend has naked pictures of his ex on his computer, am I allowed to be upset? 


Hi Selina,

What does it mean?

What does it mean?

It must have been alarming to find naked pictures of a woman on your partner's computer but it sounds like you felt an extra jolt when you realised it was an ex. You are of course entitled to your feelings- so if you're upset- then that's your gut reaction to the situation you've been faced with.

I would suggest talking to him once the shock has subsided. If you talk to him while you're feeling upset then you might not get anywhere fast.

When you've calmed down perhaps just tell him what you've found and what went through your mind when you saw the pictures.

It could be that he forget they were there. Maybe you could ask him how he would feel if he had found naked pictures of your ex on there, so you can encourage him to understand how you feel.

This should prompt him to have a digital clean up on his computer if there are other things you might find upsetting on there. He may have never got around to it from break up to meeting you.

There could be an innocent explanation here, so it might be wise to listen to his side of things before rushing to conclusions.

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