Steph asks :

Hi Lucy,

I'm In a long term relationship. My partner works abroad occasionally and I love it. I love him but I love him at a distance. What's wrong with me?


Hi Steph,

I love him

I love him

It sounds like you might be one of those couples who thrive in a long distance relationship.

For some couples it doesn't work but if you enjoy being in a relationship but also value your independence it might mean that your situation fits in with your life right now.

There may come a point where you miss him, however if your work is good, you have hobbies and see plenty of your friends and family, perhaps you are not dwelling too much on him not being there and just getting on with things.

The alternative would be to pine for him, so it's not necessarily a bad thing.

The strongest of relationships are those when both partners are comfortable spending time together AND apart. You are still individuals even when you're with someone after all.

All I would say is if you don't want him around when he comes home- that could spell trouble. But if you cherish the moments you are together it sounds like it just fits for you at present.

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