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Hi Lucy,

Well I am 31 and only ever had one serious girlfriend. I need some dating advice/tips and where can I meet decent women. I feel destined to be alone. I have tried online dating yet still nothing!

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Hi Joe,

It sounds like you have been trying very hard to meet the right woman, but it just hasn’t happened for you yet.

Perhaps the online dating has not gone to plan because of your confidence levels. If you have never had a girlfriend before then you might feel nervous and unpractised at the whole dating game. Try not to give up if you have only had a couple of dates- it’s all about the experiences along the way, even if nothing comes from them you can pocket the knowledge from the last time to take to your next one. Dating often has to be a way of life if you are committed to finding someone not something that you drift in and out of- it takes commitment and patience.

Why not make an appointment with a dating specialist- details to get in touch are usually available on the online dating website you are signed up to or you can get in touch with them separately if you just type ‘dating gurus’ into Google. This might help you to find the area you feel needs work when you are dating and really hone in on what type of woman you are looking for.

The one to one time is much more personal than simply signing up to a dating forum, so the focus is entirely on you and what you feel you need from a relationship. 

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