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Dear Lucy, everybody likes my friend more than they like me. I don’t know why. It didn’t used to be too much of a problem but now we go to the same school since September and now everyone in my life adores her and I feel like an outcast. In school our friends just value her more and I can tell by how they behave. This whole thing is making me like her less. Everyone loves her and it makes me feel worthless. Please help!


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People gravitate towards people who are secure and confident. Insecurity unfortunately is not an attractive option. If you are constantly comparing yourself to her and feeling less than, this will show through and without even trying you will let her overshadow you.


Try not to fixate on them liking her so much and find ways which you can show off your best qualities. Comparing yourself to other people never works, because someone will always have what you want and lack, just as you have something that they don’t. Perhaps make a list of all the things that you think are good about her and then make a list of things that you like about yourself and why you are different from her. (Remember differences are good!) Chances are you have built her up in your mind to be far more muse like than she actually is. Everyone has faults so start see hers and bring her down a peg or two. If she knows that you feel this way, she will play on it, so highlight the things you have to offer and give her a run for her money!

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