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I've lost passion for my sport- I used to be a keen swimmer and I haven't been for a while now, but when I do, I realise how much I actually miss it. I've gained weight and feel insecure in my costume so I think this has a lot to do with it. How can I crave it again like I used to and get over my insecurities?

Relationship expert Jessica Leoni says: “You do sound a little depressed. You have low self-esteem because of your weight gain and a general lethargy because you have got out of the habit of regular exercise. You could go to your doctor about this feeling of lowness and discuss the possibility of some counselling. But a far more obvious and simple solution is staring you in the face: start swimming regularly again!

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

“You say that you feel ‘insecure’ in your swimming costume due to the weight gain and that is deterring you from going to the pool. I am stating the obvious but swimming is a fantastic way to lose weight and regain fitness. Watch what you eat - eat more fresh food and stop snacking - and try to swim for an hour at least four times a week and that excess weight will soon disappear. 

“You can avoid other swimmers by going to the pool at quieter times while you regain your body confidence. With your confidence restored, why not think about joining a local swimming club? Swimming can be quite solitary if you are just going up and down the lanes on your own but it is a lot more fun when done with friends in a group. You can maybe go for a drink afterwards.

“Summer is almost here, so why not find some interesting wild swimming locations near you to explore. I am sure there will be some recommendations if you look online. Swimming in lakes, rivers or the sea is often more fun than just sticking to your local pool. There is nothing more exhilarating than wild swimming on a hot summer’s day, perhaps combined with a picnic and a chilled glass of white wine (you can keep it cool in the water!).

“You need to get back into the habit of regular exercise. This releases endorphins (natural mood enhancers) in your body which will improve your general wellbeing. I bet you will find that once you start exercising regularly a trip to the pool will come much more naturally. Your body becomes addicted to exercise in a healthy and natural way and you will start to crave the ‘feel good’ factor that exercise generates. Once you lose the weight you won’t want to put it back on again - another factor that should drive you back to the pool. Good luck - a happier and healthier life beckons if you can just get into the swimming habit again.”

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