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I have feelings for my boss. I’m 30 and he’s around 15 years older than me so I’m not sure if he sees me in a romantic way, but I do feel we have a strong connection. I’ve been through some difficult times during my time at the company and he’s emotionally supported me. He’s very respectful and as a HR Director he’s very aware of how to act so I think even if he felt the same way he’d be careful not to show it or act on it in case of crossing a line or making me feel uncomfortable. However I’ve felt a connection since I first met him. I’ll be leaving the company in 2 weeks time and moving back to my home country to start a new role. Since I’m leaving I want to subtly let him know how I feel and I know he plans to take me to lunch on one of the days during my last week. How can I test if he likes me without making a fool of myself and being too obvious? He’s unlikely to have any influence over my future career but we’ve developed a sort of friendship (within professional boundaries) and have agreed to stay in touch so I wouldn’t want to taint his impression of me as a professional or come across as desperate.

Karen Mooney says: Your boss sounds like a lovely, kind, caring man with very professional work ethics. You say he is older than you, if he is very much older that you, he may well have supported you in the past when you had some challenging times thinking of himself as a father figure. Think back to the times he has supported you, and what did he say to you and exactly how did he support you? This could be really quite revealing. Did he support you emotionally on a personal level or did he support you on a work-based level focusing solely on your happiness at work? If he supported you on a personal level this could show he has feelings for you, whether romantically or as a friend. You need to find out which one of these it is.

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Igor Stevanovic / Alamy Stock Photo

You also say you will be returning to your home country, as you were in a strange country he could also have wanted to help and support you because he is a caring person, and you were far away from home. Ask him about his friends and his family life, try to get an insight of the man behind your boss. Ask him what he wants to do in the future, how does he spend his spare time. This will also tell you more. These are the type of questions a friend would ask.

My advice to you is to wait until you have lunch with him and say something in a lighthearted way, which gives him the opportunity to let you know if he has feelings for you. Something like “If you hadn’t been my boss, I think we could have been really good friends if not more…….”

You will not come across as desperate, I promise.

I hope this works. You must do something otherwise you will, leave the UK, never knowing what might have been.

Good luck

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