Emma asks :

A guy I see in a coffee shop I go into during my breaks at works started smiling and stareing at me, I once turned to look at him as I was leaving and he was completely checking me out, then every time I went in he smiled said hello and started going out of his way to make sure he was the one that served me, he even came into my shop after his shift to talk to me! We have chatted a little since and I made the move to give him my number if he wanted a proper conversation, it's been two days and nothing! Is this normal? I'm panicking thinking he's not interested?

Yin replies

He is displaying signs of attraction towards you, especially when he is going out of his way to see you and talk to you. 

Yang replies

He may just be shy. It sounds like you have been the one to make the first big move by giving him your number, he may be nervous about meeting up as a couple now that things have progressed and you have acknowledged your attraction for one another. Don’t worry too much as it has not been that long, he may just be plucking up the courage to text or call. Give it time and if you feel comfortable doing it perhaps pop into the shop in a few days and ask him when he fancies going out!

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