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Hi, I would like an outsiders opinion please. 

We are selling our home to move to a bigger one and I would like to move from our home town and start a new life somewhere else. 

I’ve been feeling like I need a change in my living environment for at least 3 years now. 

The problem is that I feel like I’m being selfish as my husband and 2 children are pretty happy with our village. 

They have some friends as do I, and the kids are settled at school. 

Although I am sure my children will make new friends as will my husband and I, I am worried that they will always wish we hadn’t left our old home. 

My children are 8 and 6 so young enough I feel that the move won’t be stressful for them. 

I’d like to move somewhere that has more to offer for all of us.


Sex and relationship expert Jessican Leoni said: “You say at the start of the letter that ‘we are selling our home to move to a bigger one’ - so it sounds like the move is on, despite your unease about how this will unsettle your husband and kids. It sounds like you call the shots in this household and they are going along with your wish to start afresh. My gut reaction is to say: go for it. I like your ambition and I am sure you will be happier in a bigger home away from a village which you clearly feel is stifling you. Your kids are at an age when they will be able to settle fairly easily into a new school and the whole family will benefit from living in a bigger home. You and your husband sound like a great couple - you say you have lots of friends in your village. You’d be surprised how many couples are essentially lonely and have no friends in their immediate environment, struggling to meet new people in their neighbourhood. The fact that you seem to have no problems building up a big friendship group and are not intimidated by the prospect of doing it again is a really positive sign. You will quickly meet new people through your kids’ new school and it’s not like you will lose those friends in the village. You can still see them as well as making new friends around your new home.

Image courtesy of Stock Snap

Image courtesy of Stock Snap

“You are experiencing perfectly understandable last minute wobbles about the move because you are sensitive to the feelings of your husband and your children. Well done for being so considerate but I think you are the driving force of this family and everyone will benefit from your ambition and dream of starting afresh.” 

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