Elin asks :

Me and my boyfriend of nearly a year have been having sex for a couple of months.

However we can both only come during foreplay and never in sex.

What can we do?

Yin replies

If you are finding that you are both not reaching an orgasm when you have sex, then give each other pleasure in the ways in which you can come to your climax.

There's no point in having sex just because it is the thing that people do - if you can pleasure each other through other sexual acts then carry on with these.

It stops the risk of unwanted pregnancy being an issue.

Yang replies

If you want to come to your climax during sex, then the best advice that I can give you would be to carry on trying to find the position that does it for you.

You can also try the approach, where as well as vaginal penetration you have your boyfriend play with your clitoris at the same time, or you play with his testicles.

This way, you are incorporating foreplay with sex.

Sex involves your hands as well, don't think that they have to be dormant.

The final thing that you can try is getting a sex toy to enhance sexual intercourse, such as a cock ring. The man can wear this on his penis and it restricts the blood flow so that he is more sensitive and also you can get some that vibrate to add even more sensations.

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