Salvatore asks :

Hey I have just moved to a new sixth form and don't quite feel like I have settled in. The people an teachers are nice enough but I don't know the and have no relationship with them. It is making me really unhappy and I have cried about it. I have the opportunity To move back to my old school where I feel much more comfortable and at ease but don't know if I should. If I wait any longer I won't be allowed to go back and I don't want to cry every day when I come home from school what to you think is best please help

Yin replies

Moving schools is always stressful and you will feel a bit uneasy for the first few weeks. Remember your first few days at secondary school; I’m sure you will have felt the same nervousness then.

If you are serious about your career, then look at it from the perspective of which can offer you the best tuition, to help make your decision. What is in your best interests as an academic?

If you have the opportunity to go back and you are not sure, what is keeping you at the new one? There must be something that you see in your new college that makes you doubt whether or not to leave.

It does take time to get to know the other students and the teachers, so if you gave it some time, it could feel like normality again. 

Yang replies

You probably have the option of seeing your friends outside of college if you’re missing them from your last place, so you can still have a social life if you want to.

Do you think that the crying will pass with time? If not then perhaps its best to go back somewhere you feel comfortable.

Try to keep in mind that you have only just started, so you are going through the worst of it now, it will get better, each day it will get easier.

The harsh reality is that sometimes in life you often have to go somewhere that you don’t want to, however if there is no choice you have to make it work. You have the choice to make sure that you are happy and getting the most out of it wherever you choose. 


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