kaillee asks :

So I just moved to a new town, and I wasn't sure how else to meet anyone. So I used POF to meet some people just to get to know the area and so I wasn't sitting at home doing nothing feeling homesick. But anyways, I wasn't on there for anything more then just looking to meet some people, as friends and all that. But, I started talking to this one guy and he seemed like a good guy, but I was really nervous about meeting him in person. We started texting back and forth and got to know each other a little more. Finally, after about a month and a bit of texting back and forth I decided that I would meet him for coffee. So we met at a local starbucks, he paid for our coffees. And we sat there and talked about everything until almost closing, we were leaving and he asked if I just wanted to go for a drive around the city. We just ended up back at his place, and we were going to watch at movie, one thing led to another and he was driving me to my car the next day. Now I am usually, not that kinda girl and I don't like doing stuff like that, but something just felt different. Between him and I. As the weeks went on we hung out more and more, we got to know each other better. It's been just over 3months now since we first starting talking and getting to know each other. And now I am more confused then I think I have ever been in my life. Here it goes lol : There was a time that I locked myself out of my apt at 1030 at night, I panicked and didn't know what to do, he called me and helped me find a locksmith and left his friends place drove across town to stay with me to make sure I was okay. He has stayed on the phone with me until 4am while I bawl my eyes out just so I have someone to talk to when he knows he has to work at 7am. He texts me to see how I'm doing, I say I'm upset, he will call me and do anything possible over the phone to cheer me up no matter what time of the day or night it is. I got a couple cracks in my windshield and he went and got prices for a windshield, among some other vehicle related things. He calls to take me for lunch, and says he just wanted to see me and hang out with me .. I don't like staying in my apartment when my roommates are gone, so sometimes he will come over and spend the night with me, even though he doesn't get a good sleep unless hes at his own place. But he does it just to make sure that I'm okay ... I did a photoshoot and I didn't like the way the photos came out, so I didn't want to show anyone. He continues to tell me that I shouldn't worry about showing him the pictures because he knows that any picture of me he is going to think thats its a good one. He consistantly calls me a "cute little blonde" ... He has to remind me that I am the only one that he is sleeping with, and that he knows that I'm not the kinda girl to sleep with anyone else.... I could continue with more, but I think that you get the point ... I think that I am falling for this guy, does he have something back for me, or am I just reading all of his signals wrong? The only thing being I am 22 and hes 30, the age doesn't bother me and he says that it doesn't bother him either ... I know that this is a long post, any insight would be appreciated, thanks everyone!

Yin replies

He sounds really caring and I don’t see a problem with an eight-year age gap either. You’re both adults. He seems to be there for you when you need him - and when a guy pays for your coffee, it’s safe to say he’s showing you he wants it to be more than a friendly meeting.
I might be wrong, but that’s the way it seems from what you say. You obviously get on well - have you slept together since that one night? Just be careful - maybe your next stage should be to suggest getting together with each other’s friends; make sure you’re comfortable with the people he’s close to and vice versa.
At the moment, he’s still something of a stranger. It’s easy to talk for hours, to buy you coffee, to be there to help out when you need him, but you’ve got to know more about his world - maybe you already have done but you don’t mention it. Share your worlds before you go much further.

Yang replies

I don’t know what you’re confused about - he is giving plenty of signals to suggest he is in to you - but it is fairly full-on for someone who’s only known you three months.
Do you make a habit of bawling your eyes out on the phone? You know that sounds a bit snivelly and unattractive don’t you? Why were you crying?
I wouldn’t keep on with that kind of thing if you want him to stick around. If he was writing in about you, what do you think he’d say about what you do for him? Just make sure he’s getting as well as giving – but in a way you’re happy to give.

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