We my still be in te height of summer, ut if you're in the process of planning a wedding for later in the year, now is the time to put those finishing touches to the colour scheme and decorations. And the last thing you want is a summer wedding in October.

Here are some of top things we're expecting to see at weddings, this autumn.

Out of Uniform
Unless you're marrying a Soldier or Sailor, leave the uniforms out of the wedding. Bridesmaids are resplendent in different styles and colours, and Mothers of the Bride and Groom look great in soft, flowing fabrics and styles.

Make the wedding seem effortless, but beautiful at the same time. Granted, this may take twice the effort that is did before, but the look is worth it in the end.

Visual Interest
The Explosion in a paint factory look went out in the 80s, and trust us, we have no desire to ressurect it. But place colour in the most unexpected places for the most impact. Have your Bridesmaids all in white, and let your own dress lift you from every photo in a daring red or even black dress.

Pastel Shades won't cut it, this winter, either. The idea is to create a warm, comfortable look, that masks the winter freze. Navy blue, Plum, Burgundy, and even black are the colours to be surrounded by. Hide hints of your chosen colours in unusual places. Red soles on your shoes. Blue petticoats. Green ribbons in your hair. Get creative.

Winter warmers
Whilst your dress of choice may be a strapless number with little protection from the cold, you can keep the chill out withour resorting to your trusty Berghaus jacket.

A Cotton twill cape in your colour of choice, and an accent coloured lining berings a touch of magic. For Glamour, a fake fur stole, or wrap to cover your shoulders. Or how about a fabulous feather trim on the dress?

Don't go too far with the fur, however, as the look can be overpowering, and it's posible you'll look like an albino cavewoman.

The Ceremony
Can't decide who's most important to you at the wedding? Your family raised you, but your friends have been there through thick and thin? If you're not into the traditional church wedding, have your guests seated in a circle, so that everyone gets a pretty good view of the two of you at the essential moment.
This also has the advantage that you can seat your divorced parents on opposite sides if they really can't get along.

The Reception
A medieval banquet style reception is the way to go, this year, with tabels arranged into a rectangle, and allthe guests seated at the same table.
If round tables are essential, then having different themes at each table will encourage conversation between the guests. Famous couples, romantic cities, or love in every language are ideal. Just stay away from sports teams and political parties

cakes are moving further away from the traditional round three tiered thing with columns every year. Hexagons and squares are the way to go, this year, with each layer directly on top of the last. Wedding cake is well out, too, with most brides going for sponge or chocolate. One of the best themes is to have eash tier a different flavour, so that your guests can choose the best cake.