Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe celebrate their third wedding anniversary today, so we share some things you might not know about the couple to mark the occasion. 

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe (Famous)

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe (Famous)

1. It wasn’t until January 2013, that the press found out Redmayne had been dating financial publicist Hannah Bagshawe since 2012 when they made their first public appearance at the London Premiere of Les Miserables.

2. They announced their engagement in The Times on 31st May 2014; "The engagement is announced between Edward, son of Mr and Mrs Richard Redmayne of London, and Hannah, daughter of Mr Nicholas Bagshawe and Mrs Caryl Bagshawe, both of London."

3. The couple married at Babington House in Somerset on 15th December 2014 in a winter wonderland themed ceremony and according to this interview with Ellen- Bagshawe was late...

4. Their daughter Iris Mary Redmayne was born in June 2016.

5. When asked about how they met, Redmaybe said; 'It was an embarrassing evening. Hannah was at a girls' school near Eton and they invited some of our guys over to do a fashion show for charity. I had to walk across the stage topless - I was this pasty, freckly guy and when I came on the girls in the audience didn't take much notice of me, but I was followed by the best-looking boy in the school and all the girls erupted in cheers, which was emotionally scarring! I saw Hannah across the room at a party afterwards and she was very beautiful and very funny and she loves the arts and theatre just as I do, so we became friends. I'd finished rehearsals (for "Les Miserables") and was about to start shooting in a few days and so I said to myself, "I'm going to go to Florence for a quick break and write or do something like that." Before I went, Hannah and I were on a sort of date - we'd been good friends for 12 years - and we had a wonderful evening and I suddenly said, "You don't want to come to Florence with me next week, do you?" She said, "That's absurd, you don't mean it." I said, "Yes I do!" So our first proper date was in Florence. That was three years ago and we couldn't be happier.'

Happy wedding anniversary Eddie and Hannah! 

Source: IMDB and Famous. 

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