According to, there is a rose in young people having affairs with a 20% increase in 21-30 years olds joining their site.

But why?

But why?

When quizzed about their reasons for seeking an affair- 78% revealed they felt they had married too young and sought the company of someone else as their relationship with their partner has broken down.

The site's spokesperson, Christian Grant, explains:

"There is more and more pressure on young people to have the perfect relationship. We live in a connected world whereby we're constantly seeing the smiling faces of our friends and family, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - you name it - and we can't help but compare our lives to theirs.

It's a classic case of keeping up with the Jones', and that mentality means people make rash decisions, one of them being a premature marriage."

One might say that if a marriage isn't working- surely you would get a divorce?

It would seem that it's not all that easy- 44% of members said that they were scared to get a divorce due to the financial implications and 50% admitted they wouldn't get divorced because of their children.

As Grant explains, a divorce isn't always a viable option:

"People of all ages come to a site like IllicitEncounters because they're worried about divorce. They don't want to put their kids through it, for one, but they're also worried about what it'll mean for their finances. Young people share those exact same issues, except they're much worse.

On average, they're on lower wages than those 10, 20 or 30 years older than them; they've got student loans to pay off… they're only just managing as it is, so the idea of a divorce might be nice, but it's not necessarily realistic, from a financial perspective if nothing else."

Results from the site's survey, also found that nearly three quarters (71%) felt that they could have an affair and get away with it which might lead some to have a 'why not ?' attitude towards such an action.

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