It’s 2018. Pretty much every woman I know is not only bossing a full time job, but also juggling an intense Netflix series, keeping on top of various group chats, and trying to maintain minimal engagement on a low level Instagram account.

How important is work for you?

How important is work for you?

Dating? Partners? Sex? Pah! You’ve barely got time to fit in a night with your vibrator. For better or for worse, putting your career over your sex life has consequences. Here are a few I’d like to address:

You absolutely refuse to settle

It turns out that career-focussed people are the least likely to settle. Forever focused on success in their professional lives, they have a similar mindset when it comes to a sexual partner. In the end, only an Amal/George level of compatibility will suffice.

Whatsmore, since ambition and success are such attractive qualities in the opposite sex, you have never been such a desirable mate. Smarter, sharper, whittier and able to put up with a lot less bullshit - focusing on your career is like natural selection when it comes to getting laid.

You become a lot more inventive when it comes to dating

When you’re a ‘bossy boss lady’ (see Katie Ryan’s Youtube channel) it’s pretty hard to fit in time for dating. First of all, there’s the getting ready, then the messaging your group chat screenshots of your date’s profile, then the travelling to said date. On top of this, you’re attempting to be both endearing and entertaining, whilst being intent on making it to bed by 10pm, to be fresh for the next day’s conference call with your Malaysian team...

After a while, you start to get more inventive. It’s all about the ‘lunch date’ these days. Heading out to ‘Flat Iron’ for a sexy steak and half a bottle of vino each, means that not only do you have an extremely productive and overly confident afternoon at work, but 10pm? You’re in bed by 9!

You have better sex

When you’re a career-focused woman you don’t have much time for a sex life, which means that when you do get round to ‘lying back and thinking of England’ you definitely do not lie back and think of England. Nope, not happening.

This is your one night of letting loose, before returning to the spreadsheets that you fill in but don’t quite understand, and fretting about whether drinking 5 cups of coffee a day is damaging you internally - so you will bloody well enjoy it. Even if it does mean getting out that spare bottle of lube and emergency purple bullet, and initiating some non-work related role play to help things along a bit.

And finally, you thank your lucky Gemma Collins eye mask that you made the right decision

You can afford really good dates now, and really expensive underwear. Let’s be honest - you are winning life. In the end, a career or sex life isn’t really a choice, anyway.

Everyone knows that no matter how much ‘dating admin’ you put in, you can’t help how or where you meet someone that you really like. A spark will happen when it damn well wants, whether it’s with that barista guy with the beard, who always draws a heart on your skinny flat white - or the new guy - Jamie, who just joined HR.

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