According to Victoria Milan- what women really want in a man is a retrosexual lover. A what you say? A man who's dominant in bed but who also treats her like she's a princess.

What's a retrosexual lover?

What's a retrosexual lover?

In the world of celebrity- think Vince Vaughn, Ryan Gosling, Javier Barden or Matthew McConaughey. A man who's rugged, hot, exciting, but who's also gentlemanly. You don't want much do you ladies!?

Women demand that their man be dominant behind closed doors but they want to be treated like a lady when they're out and about together.

He doesn't have to have dyed hair or a smooth face or torso and he doesn't have to love fashion. But he does have to care how he looks when he sets foot outside the house.

Women especially like it if their man is able to do DIY and car maintenance too. Is that all? No!

While the retrosexual man ticks most of the boxes, he does still have a few shortcomings; namely that women wish he was less into sports and more into the gym. Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the rising of the retrosexual male showed women have given up on manscaped metrosexuals and were heading back to the traditional, no-frills type of man. "Women want a real man. Someone who can hold them, protect them, show them a great time in the bedroom and act in a gentlemanly manner when they go out for dinner. A guy who can look after a woman's needs and change a light bulb, without worrying when his next chest wax is a turn-on," Mr Vedal said.