IllicitEncounters has found that men are more forgiving than women when it comes to being the victim of an affair.

Women are faster than men at pulling the plug on their marriage

Women are faster than men at pulling the plug on their marriage

67% of men are willing to give things another go when they find out that their partner has been unfaithful. Only 52% of women on the other hand would remain with their partner after they discovered their adulterous ways.

So why the big difference? Well it goes back to why women cheat in the first place- a third of men said that their wife had been unfaithful because they had neglected them and so they understood their reasons for straying.

Over half of wives revealed that they couldn't get over an affair because they would believe it to be the start of a pattern of behaviour and they couldn't trust their partner not to do it again.

The study also found that women are more gifted at hiding affairs then men. Over half of cheating women say their partner was oblivious to the fact that they were sleeping with someone else. Only 42% of men were able to get away with it.

In order to save a marriage after one partner has been unfaithful, it boils down to how their significant other finds out about their misdemeanours.

If the woman comes clean and she decides to stay with her husband- this can save the marriage in 82% of cases.

In stark contrast, if the man owns up and wants to stay married, this only works in 68% of cases because of the fear of it happening again.

However, if the man catches the women in the act- the survival rate of their marriage is only 52%. This drops again if the man is caught red handed so it would appear that women are more ruthless when it comes to betrayal.

Facebook seems to be the most popular reason for women seeking affairs where there is the opportunity to contact an old flame. In fact, Facebook now features in a third of all divorce cases.

Men on the other hand want more excitement in the bedroom and some feel the only way to achieve this is by seeking out someone new. spokesman Christian Grant said: "The phrase hell hath no fury like a woman scorned really does seem to be rooted in fact.

"This new IllicitEncounters research shows that women really do react much more badly to cheating that men and that a husband's adultery is more likely to end in divorce than a wife's.

"Women are better at covering up their cheating than men and it clear that there are millions of husbands who have no idea about their wife's illicit behaviour."