As today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day- we take a look at what the cold stuff says about you between the sheets. 

You enjoy your bedroom activities to have a bit of bite.

You enjoy your bedroom activities to have a bit of bite.

Rocky Road- You're adventurous with your sex life and like to try it anywhere and everywhere. If that's in the car while you're on a road trip- then so be it.

Neapolitan- You mix it up because you like to try everything at least once. Neither you nor your partner know where you'll be or what position you'll be in from one day to the next.

Strawberry- You're a couple who likes to be mindful of their health even when having sex- you think of it as a fun form of exercise.

Mint choc chip- You are so in tune with one another- you just know what each other wants and needs between the sheets. You complement each other perfectly in the bedroom.

Cookie Dough- You have a lot of fun during sex; you laugh, you get giddy and silly but that's what you think sex is all about- having a good time.

Coffee- You get a natural high from having sex with each other- you are both always up for a session and experience a real buzz from getting each other off.

Vanilla- You both know what you like and you're both cool with it. You are happy to have a routine when it comes to your sex life because you know it works so well for you both.

Chocolate Fudge- You like to experiment with food in bed- anything that's lickable- you've tried it- you see it as an excuse to take your sex session to the shower afterwards so it's not over too soon.

Clotted cream- You're a couple who invests heavily in their bedroom essentials. You don't mind spending your hard earned cash on high end sex toys, quality lubes and expensive lingerie- you enjoy the finer things in your sex life.

Peanut Butter- You enjoy your bedroom activities to have a bit of bite. You think nothing of nibbling parts of your partner's body because you know it excites them and vice versa.

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