As it’s National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day we decided to investigate as to what to what your favourite flavour of oatmeal says about your bedroom antics. 

With blueberries?

With blueberries?

With honey- Your love life is always a smooth ride. You and your partner have it off to a fine art. Your lovemaking is never clumsy or silly, you know exactly how to get your partner off as they do you- you're experts in the field of each other.

With nuts- Your sex life is full of fun- if you try something and it doesn't work- so what? You have the rest of your lives together to get it right or try something new. The point is you have a blast whenever you have sex because it's not something that you take too seriously.

With fruit- You enjoy the sweeter side of sex- you would rather call it 'making love' than 'having sex' because it's more than about just physicality to you- it's about connecting at a deeper level with your partner.

With cinnamon- Your sex life is spicy; there is no other word for it. You and your partner try anything and everything that you can get your hands on in the world of sex toys and you have sex as often as you can- if you have the time- you will find a surface to go up against or hop on and do the dirty.

With a banana- You are soft and gentle with each other when you have sex. You pride yourselves on taking your time and treat each other's bodies with the care and attention they deserve.

With raisins- You like the feel of different textures when you're in bed with your lover. From silky sheets, to whips, lace lingerie and faux leather floggers, you enjoy different sensations against your skin and how they feel at different intensities too.

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