Today is National Hard Candy Day so we thought we'd find out just what your favourite sweet treat says about you between the sheets. 

Are you more for white mice or coated candy?

Are you more for white mice or coated candy?

White mice- You're shy and retiring outside of the bedroom- but once you find a partner you trust- you channel all your confidence between the sheets- and no-one other than your partner knows about your dirty little secret.

Jazzies- You're not opposed to decorating your body to boast your best bits- nipple tassels are a particular favourite of yours.

Strawberry Laces- You like your sex sessions to last. You're not game for quickies- if you're in the mood- you set aside a night so you can spend your time on your partner and let your lover savour every moment with you.

Gummy Bears- Your sex life is playful and you fall about laughing most of the time you're bumping uglies because you enjoy being silly while in the sack.

Cola Bottles- Sex gives you a sudden burst of energy and you're often left wide awake after a long night of lovemaking. Sex is your favourite form of exercise because it gives you a bigger buzz that going at it in the gym.

Candy coated chocolate- You come across as someone who's reserved, serious and hard faced- but once the right person cracks that shell- you melt every time you're in their presence because you're really a secret softy.

Chocolate buttons- You are partial to little and often. You don't have the time or the inclination for lengthy lessons in love. You're more a 'tick the box' for today kind of person. Foreplay? Just get on with it!

Chocolate peanuts- Everyone thinks you're sweet and lovely- but when the curtains are drawn- you're a secret dominatrix. You like to be in control and have to have it hard and fast- for you there's no other way to enjoy erotic escapades.

Pear drops- Your frivolities are nothing short of fruity- you're like a lustful can of Lilt waiting to be popped.

Jelly Beans- Variety is the spice of life- you will try anything, in any position at any time because you live life for experiences not for material gain. You like it best when you don't know what's coming so your partner has to be someone who's creative during coitus or you get easily bored.

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