Today is National Croissant Day and did you know that your breakfast of choice is very telling about your likes and dislikes when it comes to your physical life? Do any of these sound like you? 

Pancakes, fruit or jam on toast?

Pancakes, fruit or jam on toast?

Cereal- Your sex life just bobs along- you don't put much pressure on each other to do things differently- you just go with the flow. It has its ups and downs and comes and goes but you are cool with either.

Poached Eggs- You are the picture of innocence, whiter than white, but you like some really kinky stuff behind closed doors and only your lovers know that!

Yoghurt- Fiddling with food is your forte- anything spreadable is super sexy to you and you like to lather it on and lick it off.

Fruit bowl- You enjoy sweet sex; loving, tender and gentle- sex that's kind to your body and leaves you feeling cherished and yearned for.

Buffet breakfast- You're game for anything, at any time of the day and rarely do the same thing twice. You never have to read those articles on 'how to spice things' up because you've never had that problem.

Sausages- Your mind is constantly on coitus- you have sex regularly with your partner and the slightest thing will ignite your imagination. You have definitely used this breakfast item in the past to show your partner what you wanted to do to them.

Breakfast bar- You quite like quickies. You have a hectic lifestyle but don't like to sacrifice the sex so you like it hard and fast. As you slot it in where you can- it's generally never in your bed. You don't have time to entertain slow and sensual sex.

Pancakes- You just lie there and let your partner do all the work. Missionary is your muse but you also love that feeling of closeness that sex brings and the skin on skin contact as your naked bodies touch.

Porridge- You use sex as your morning pick me up and try to get your partner to oblige as often as you can. It gives you a skip in your step to know you've had an orgasm before your orange juice.

Croissant- Sex is an indulgence for you because you choose not to have it very often so when you make love to your partner you like to savour every second.

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