Durex sex and relationship expert Alix Fox has some top tips for lovers looking to turn up the heat on February 14th:

Valentine's Day on Female First

Valentine's Day on Female First

Perform an a-door-able strip tease: Putting on a slinky, kinky strip show for your partner is a great no-cost way to take your Valentine’s Day from ‘fizzling’ to ‘sizzling’ – especially if you’ve been gifted new lingerie you’d like to show off.

Your open bedroom doorway is the perfect place to perform, as it gives you a ‘prop’ to work with. You can slowly slide up and down the edge of the frame as if it were a pole, and hold onto it for balance as you sway and grind to the music… especially useful if you’re a woman in high heels!

If you’re wearing a bra with a tricky clasp or some other item that’s hard to remove in an elegant manner, just nip behind the door to take it off so you’re hidden for a second. Saucily reach around and hang the underwear off the door handle, then pause for a moment to heighten your lover’s anticipation, before emerging a little more naked.  For the finale, have a condom tucked into the waistband of your knickers or boxers that you can hand over to your bewitched lover – after your sensational show they’ll be gagging to get it on!

Pay attention to your package: The way you wrap and deliver a Valentine’s gift can have just as much impact as the present itself. Here are some easy ideas to add extra ooh-la-la to your parcel:

o    Turn gift-giving into a flirty foreplay game by wrapping a naughty treat inside multiple layers of paper, with an intimate question or dare written on the back of each sheet. You could ask ‘What’s the most memorable kiss we’ve ever shared?’ or entice your lover to ‘whisper in my ear something you’d love to do later’.

o    If you’re heading to the cinema to catch a romantic movie together, try subtly, wordlessly passing your partner an X-rated item (like a bullet vibrator, a leather collar, or a tube of new Durex Intense Stimulating Clitoral Gel) with a Post-It note stuck to it that just reads ‘For when we get home’.  The surprise in such a public place will give them an electric thrill, and the fact they’ll have to keep quiet for the rest of the film will drive them deliciously crazy!

Forget engagement rings – go for engorgement rings: More and more modern couples are experimenting with cock rings, which can deliver multiple benefits for both partners. They help keep the penis engorged with blood, leading to a firmer erection for longer, so both of you can enjoy a more sustained sex session. They can intensify the feeling of every movement, and heighten his orgasm too!

Soft, stretchy, non-intimidating products like a pleasure Ring are ideal for beginners – you just stretch them out and slide them over the penis once it’s erect, positioning them right at the base. A little slick of water-based lube can help them slip on easily and comfortably.