It would appear that people who go to university don’t have enough time for sex because of all that studying according to Lovehoney. Those who were educated in the ‘University of Life’, however, find much more time for a romp with their partner.

Have you had less sex since studying?

Have you had less sex since studying?

Those who didn’t attend a university are having sex at least once a day when compared with graduates who are getting nowhere near that. The ratio is apparent- the more notches on their bedpost- the less letters after their name.

23% of the non-academics have had up to ten lovers in their lifetime compared to only 20% for the geeks.

Graduates appear to me more faithful too with just over a quarter having only two partners whereas only 21% of non-graduates are monogamous.  

Non-university goers are more adventurous in the bedroom too with 77% doing it alfresco, against 70% of university goers as well as having a preference for a bit of three way action.

Now all that sex must do something for your confidence- with non-educated men and women ranking themselves as perfect- a ten, whereas the scholar types are more modest about their bedroom prowess.

Studying seems to take its toll on the action with a massive 75% preferring that their partner was on top during sex so they can lie back and rest their bodies and their minds.

Top dogs in the education system however are partial to using a bit of bondage as opposed to non-graduates who settle for more run of the mill naughtiness.

A Lovehoney spokesman says: ‘Evidently non-graduates are far more into action than the written-word and are putting their spare leisure time to the perfect pleasure pursuit.

‘As they make love more often, it makes sense they will go for more variety. Although the more educated types appear to put greater thought into love play – as the bondage statistics suggest.

"Sales of our S&M products have shot up by 70% since the success of Fifty Shades of Shades of Grey. Perhaps there are lots of librarians and teachers out there having a lot of kinky fun in their down time!”

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