If you thought that sex was something that could happen any day of the week then you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First

New research shows that Tuesdays are a no go when it comes to getting heated in the bedroom.

Only two per cent of Brits said that their favourite day for sex is Tuesdays, meaning that many Brits will be disappointed if they thought they were in for some action tonight.

Surprisingly, when asked, the participants said the reason they’re unlikely to have sex on a Tuesday is because they’re too sober!

A shocking 22 per cent of people said that either themselves or their partner are too sober to have sex.

The research was commissioned by Tracy Bloom who has a new booked titled No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday and she couldn’t have been more correct.

She commissioned the survey after one of the characters in her book uses the same line on a date and so she wanted to know how true it was.

Tracy said “No-one ever has sex on a Tuesday is used as chat-up line by Ben to convince someone to go on a first date with him on a Tuesday.

“I thought I’d better check it out and was amazed that it turned out to be true. So I reckon if you’re asked out on a first date and want to take things slowly, make sure it’s a Tuesday!”

Shockingly, another excuse for not having sex on Tuesdays was the TV schedule with 17 per cent saying they’d rather slob out on the sofa and watch their favourite soaps.

For women, housework was a major passion killer with many saying they didn’t have time for sex as they had plenty of household chores to do.

Richard Walker, a Director of Mustard Research in Manchester who conducted the poll said, “We've never been asked to research a book title before and were astonished when the survey proved that fact did back up the fiction.

“Saturday was overwhelmingly the favourite day scoring 30 per cent which supports the findings that alcohol is a key influencer for when the nation prefers to have sex.”

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