Don't settle - Just because you are getting older doesn't mean that you have to put up with every health condition that comes your way- visit your doctor and find out if you can be treated for your complaints rather than just accepting it comes with the territory.

Talk to one another

Talk to one another

Orgasms- If you are struggling to reach orgasm, rather than putting yourself through the feeling of failure after sex, why not masturbate with a sex toy or without first to get you in the mood?

Talk- If you have a long term partner then talk about your concerns surrounding your sex life as you get older. It will both prepare you for the changes you might have to make in order to still have a satisfying sex life.

Sex Drive- This will decrease as you get older, which will affect your normal sexual routine. Try new things in the bedroom like sex toys in order to ensure when you do have sex- it's memorable.

Vaginal Dryness- It is normal for women to experience vaginal dryness as they get older, so use lots of lube. Also avoid soaps and shower gels that will dry you out. Hormone replacement therapy can be an aid in reducing vaginal dryness or use an oestrogen cream to increase the natural lubrication.

Clitoral sensitivity- There is less blood flow to the clitoris and vagina as a woman gets older, which decreases sensitivity- pelvic floor exercises can help increase the intensity of orgasms.

Think outside the box- It doesn't always have to be about sex- you could buy a new sexy outfit and go out for dinner together, learn an exciting hobby in your free evenings, watch a sexy movie or read some erotica.