Have you found yourself in a bit of a sexual rut? Maybe you are still in the coveted ‘honeymoon phase’, or just looking to spice up a long-term relationship? Many of us want to add a different dynamic to our sex lives. One way to add an extra bit of spice to your love-making, is to do ‘it’ out of the bedroom? It can do wonders for jazzing things up a bit– don’t worry it doesn’t have to be anywhere too crazy. Sex and relationships expert, Tami Rose, shares her top seven ways to take your loving out of the bedroom.

A riskier option that may suit the more daring of couples, is to steam up the car windows

A riskier option that may suit the more daring of couples, is to steam up the car windows

Make use of the furniture

Taking it out of the bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go miles- unless you want to that is...mile high club, anyone?

Tami suggests sticking to inside the house if you’re starting out. Make use of the furniture, such as sofas and dining tables, in addition try getting erotic in other rooms in the house like the bathroom or kitchen, to make things feel a little more exciting.

Cook up a storm

Cooking in your underwear can be great fun for both parties and help build the suspense for what is to come. Everyone knows the classic scene in Sex and the City where Samantha covers herself in sushi- if you’re feeling creative you could reenact it!

Cooking together can be a good bonding experience but doing it in your underwear is great for adding something new to the mix. Who knows, by the time it comes to plating up, you might not be wearing any at all!

Take it al fresco

Warm evenings are made for dining outside or enjoying a glass of wine in the garden- but take getting frisky al fresco and it can provide you with a new and exciting location to get it on. Just be careful of peering neighbours- unless you want to give them something to talk about.

Get clean (or dirty...)

The humble shower sex is not to be scoffed at. A firm favourite for many, it’s exotic enough to get pulses racing without the risks of being spotted by others! Getting wet and wild introduces a whole new way to explore each other’s bodies, creating a great opportunity to sneak in some passion before work.

Baby you can drive my car

A riskier option that may suit the more daring of couples, is to steam up the car windows- if you catch my drift. It is much easier if your car is on the larger side in the interest of comfort, smaller cars can create a very close awkward encounter. Ensure you are parked away from prying eyes in the interest of privacy.

Be spontaneous

Sometimes a little spontaneity is all it takes to give your sex life a lift. Open the front door in your underwear or suggest getting it on in any of the locations above, to send sparks flying.

Set the scene

When you’re introducing new places to take your love life, consider setting the scene. If the living room is your location of choice for example, light a few candles, bring down some cushions and blankets before topping it off with a romantic film. Sometimes that’s all it takes to kick things up a notch.

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