has looked into the sex lives of men and women who are currently having an affair- we find out what they actually get up to- or as the survey would suggest- what they don’t.

Sex Selfie? Porn? Sex?

Sex Selfie? Porn? Sex?

The Sex Selfie

71% British males and 69% British Females engage in this, beating the global average! (The closet contenders are the French and Japanese who prefer a solo sex selfie rather than with their partner.

Christoph Kraemer says, ‘The sex selfie is the secret zeitgeist of the moment, across our thirty markets. The Oscars selfie was just the tip of the iceberg!’ 


75% of British men and 72% of British women watch porn, surprisingly women watch more than men with an average of 5-7 times per week, compared to 2-3 times per week.

Christoph Kraemer,’s European Communications Director, comments, ‘Porn can definitely be addictive, a portion of our members report viewing it multiple times a day.  But what’s interesting is that people aren’t just watching porn on their own or with their affair partner, but with their long term partner, albeit less frequently. The primary reason for men to seek affairs is lack of sex and for women it’s lack of intimacy, so watching porn with the husband or wife that you are cheating on is clearly an attempt to stimulate what’s lacking in a marriage.’


Although sex selfies and porn are becoming commonplace- those having an affair are actually having less sex. 42% of men have sex once a month with their partner and twice a month with their mistress. 48% of women report the same frequency of sex.

‘Sexual practices are changing fast in the digital world along with other aspects of our lives,’ says Christoph Kraemer. ‘Porn and the sex selfie are no longer niche preferences, they’re mainstream. Adultery is nothing new but it’s becoming increasingly common and rates amongst women are rising particularly fast UK membership will reach the 1m mark this summer.’

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