As children we all had our favourite toy, right? The one that went everywhere with us, the one we screamed for when bedtime came and if we lost it the world as we knew it ended!  This toy was spoilt, treated to battery top ups, given pride of place, much TLC and of course bath times!

Use fragrance free soap

Use fragrance free soap

Now we are adults, and all grown up we should be treating our sensual pleasure products with the same reverence, after all cleanliness is next to godliness and we all love to worship our inner goddesses, don’t we?

Ok so there’s nothing sexy in reaching for the wipes once we’ve just been treated (hopefully) to multiple orgasms but once the Rosie glow of lust has disappeared it’s time to give a little back to the one that made it all possible…it’s a mutual respect thing and keeps everything working perfectly!

Toys should be washed after every use and certainly a little spruce up before action never hurt anyone, in fact quite the contrary!  When you buy a sex toy always wash it or follow the cleaning instructions before you begin. Some may be fully waterproof others are splash proof, so you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the box.

Keeping your toys in top condition will ensure everything is kept in good working order, remember your toy is being used to pleasure your most intimate body area’s and whilst your sweet spots are generally full of friendly bacteria a pleasure product not correctly cleaned can be the source of build-up of the wrong kind, so it is important to make sure they are cleaned and packed away ready for the next time.

Here’s the scary stuff…… toys can cause nasty vaginal infections if not cleaned properly so remember if you’re happy to share your sex toys with a partner, not properly cleaning them before and after use could result in them spreading STIs and STDs between you and your favourite squeeze…and that’s not good!

Storage is also key to keeping your products working at their best and materials and motors perform and last longer when correctly stored. Whilst on the subject of materials do make sure your toys are body safe and if you are using lubes check they are compatible with the product.

It’s all pretty simple stuff and as long as you are following instructions and keeping your favourite toy clean and well stored you can just lie back and enjoy the ride! Key check list: - Follow the manufacturers’ instructions and user guides.

- Always clean your toy before and after use

- Use small amounts of fragrance free soap or toy wipes

- Check the materials your toy is made from

- Use clean towels to dry them

- Store them correctly

- Keep the storage bags clean

Written by Sue Walsh, MD Rocks Off & Killing Kittens Clitterati event partner and

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