Listening- To what your partner wants and what gets them off- it's the best kind of foreplay.



The kiss- It acts as a little intermission before you get going again.

Ass smacking- It's a great tool for encouragement.

Candles and music- Romance doesn't go out the door because you are having sex.

Yoga ball- It's easier on your knees.

Ear nibbling- For when the kissing gets boring. Just be wary not to swallow any earrings in the process.

Dirty talk- Audible stimulation is SO underrated.

Eye contact- If you were not connected before- this will definitely do it.

Mirrors- So it feels like you are in your own porn video but no one is actually watching so your digital footprint is unaffected.

Caressing- Because it's not something you should do to just get out of the way. Spend your time on your partner.

It's not one thing- it's the little things that count- If you can get some or all of these in one session then you should be ticking all the right boxes!

Warning- This video contains adult content and is not suitable for children.

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