When buying potatoes, you may be better off reaching for the sweet rather than the white variety- here's why.

Add these to your list next time you go shopping!

Add these to your list next time you go shopping!

Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium- this helps to combat high blood pressure, which is one of the causes of a heightened risk of erectile dysfunction. It does this by encouraging your kidneys to get rid of excess levels of sodium.

Sweet potatoes also have high amounts of beta carotene in them which gives the body a dose of Vitamin A. It is thought to have helped those who are infertile, though it has not been proved. Supposedly Vitamin A increases sperm production and sperm maturation.

Vitamin A also keeps the vagina and the uterus in great shape and is integral in the production of sex hormones.

Sweet potatoes are low in fat and therefore help to regulate cholesterol levels.

All in all eating sweet potatoes helps to keep your body and your sex life healthy!

Source: www.health.com



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