We all know we should eat our leafy greens, but did you know that spinach can do wonders for your sex life? Here are our 10 reasons why you’ll want to add more spinach into your life…

Include it in your salads and you will feel a difference

Include it in your salads and you will feel a difference


Spinach is rich in iron and when we’re deficient, we lack energy. Increasing iron will give you a boost for, you know, all of those extracurricular activities.

Vitamin E

Some actually refer to this as the sex vitamin! Spinach is particularly rich in vitamin E, which aids in the production of sex hormones, helping you to feel more aroused and attractive. This wonder vitamin has the additional benefit of encouraging blood flow to your genitals. What more could you want?


Did you know that spinach contains more potassium than a banana? Back to the all important blood flow again, potassium balances our sodium levels, an abundance of which can decrease blood flow. Sufficient potassium levels will also discourage water retention too, so you’ll look and feel more attractive.


This amazing mineral's action on testosterone means it’s a real libido booster and can help with erectile dysfunction. Pop some spinach into his morning smoothie and enjoy the benefits too. And, if you’re hoping to start a family as well as have fun, zinc not only improves the quality of sperm, but the amount and mobility of it too.


Involved in over 300 enzyme systems in the body, Magnesium plays crucial roles in energy production. Deficiency is common with many suffering from adrenal and chronic fatigue. When our energy is low, we can struggle to find the drive to have sex. So, enjoy some wilted spinach and boost your energy and desire.

B Vitamins

Spinach is rich in a number of B vitamins which are crucial for the production of sex hormones. It’s particularly high in B6 which has an additional role in the synthesis of feel good neurotransmitters Dopamine, GABA and serotonin. All of which get and keep you in the mood.


Juice up some spinach to ensure your histamine levels are in balance. The release of which is key to a healthy and satisfying orgasm.

Dietary fibre

Spinach is a great source of dietary fibre, which will keep your bowels regular and stop you feeling sluggish and bloated. Meaning you’ll feel lighter and more energised in the sack.

Blood Glucose

A healthy portion of spinach as part of your meal aids in blood sugar balancing, preventing that post meal energy slump and giving you the energy and stamina to keep you going for longer. In whichever activity you’re taking part in.


Stress is a huge libido killer, but thanks to the Thiamine levels in spinach you’ll be feeling calmer, more relaxed and ready for sex!

Rachel Kelly is a nutritionist and natural health expert living in Sussex with her husband and two children. She runs a business called Nature Provides who specialise in a product known as Mountain Blood - also known as ‘natural viagra’.

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