Online sex toy retailer Lovehoney compiled the most popular ten names - and found that couples love to have a laugh when coming up with names!

Little Man is the most popular, according to a new survey

Little Man is the most popular, according to a new survey

Six out of ten men or their partners have a pet name for their willies - and Little Man is the most popular, according to a new survey.

It found that fellas and their lovers like having laugh when choosing penis pen names.

Little Man was the top name, along with other variations poking fun at the size of the manhood - Wee Man, Mr Little and Tiny.

In second place was Percy or Percy Pecker and Fred was third.

The fourth most popular name was Bob or Bobby, Dicky was fifth, Billy the Willy was sixth.

Jimmy/Big Jim/Jimbo came seventh, Peter the Pecker or One-Eyed Pete was eighth, Junior was ninth and the top ten was completed by Big Boy/Big Man or Mr Big.

Other popular pet names included Thomas The Tank Engine, Boris, Postman Pat, Sherlock, Chewbacca, Willy Wonka, E.T. and Elvis.

The results come from a survey of 660 people by the online sex toy retailer Lovehoney.

It also found that you CAN laugh someone into bed.

Nine out of ten of us say that a sense of humour is a big factor when choosing a lover.

A spokesperson for Lovehoney said: "Our research overwhelmingly shows that couples who laugh in bed also have better sex and more orgasms.

"Sex is supposed to be fun and giving nicknames to your little chap is a great way to lighten the mood.”

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Top ten penis pet names

1 Little Man/Wee Man/Tiny

2 Percy/Percy Pecker

3 Fred

4 Bob/Bobby

5 Dicky

6 Billy the Willy

7 Jimmy/Jimbo/Big Jim

8 Pete the Pecker/One-Eye Pete

9 Junior

10 Big Boy

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