It's International Kiss a Ginger Day so to celebrate we thought we would look at the top seventeen sexiest redheads- some are naturally red and some are pretending- but we don't care- they all deserve a place.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon

Debra Messing

We all know and love her for her role as Grace in Will and Grace. With her barrage of brassy locks, she always stands out from the crowd demonstrating that curly hair can look glossy and tousled!

Isla Fisher

Wife of Sacha Baron Cohen, she is a little bundle of passion and feistiness. She may be small compared to her towering husband, but she makes up for it with her fiery hair and beautiful smile!

Christina Hendricks

Her hair and killer curves are what make this lady one of the best role models in movies. She is not afraid to be different with her looks and demonstrates that you can be over a size eight in Hollywood to make it. In interviews she has said her red hair was a result of watching Anne of Green Gables as a child. She often wears red lipstick against her red hair- hot, hot, hot! And she is notorious for playing intelligent dominating women- which only adds to her appeal with men.

Jessica Chastain

Despite shocking us all with her short, black cut in Mamma, we were relieved to see that she has her natural strawberry hair back after filming. Her pale complexion and ruby hair make her a welcome change on the red carpet. 

Bryce Dallas Howard

From the shy but determined young lady in The Village, to her detestable character in The Help, she shows us that redheads don’t not always fit to their stereotype.

Emma Stone

A natural blonde, it was thought that no-one would take her seriously in Superbad if she kept her golden locks, so they dyed her hair red- and she looked gorgeous. With the sexy side fringe, coupled with her husky voice and piercing green eyes, this actress is sex on legs!

Julianne Moore

Her signature red hair has made her one of the most iconic redheads in movies. We have seen her is a few risqué roles too, proving that redheads do indeed have a naughty side.

Marcia Cross

The only Desperate Housewife to sport red locks, Marcia Cross’s fiery hair compliments her pale complexion and prominent brow perfectly. 

Alyson Hannigan

The mild mannered Willow from Buffy was one of the first lesbian redheads in TV and she had a lot of male attention following this.  Since starring in How I Met Your Mother we have seen her sporting some darker shades, but like other actresses who change their looks they still keep resorting to the colour that suits them best!

Amy Adams

She has the girl next door quality that we all like to see in an actress. A versatile actress and a natural redhdeaded beauty- what more can we ask for?  

Susan Sarandon 

An actress that just looks sexier the older she gets- with one of the most incredible racks in Hollywood, along with her signature red curls, this actress is living proof that sexy doesn’t stop at 60!