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Read this before packing!

Read this before packing!

Spring is officially upon us, and it's the time of year when many of us start planning our summer holidays. But whether you're planning a long weekend in Rome or a two-week trek in Thailand, sometimes it can be tricky to know which (if any) of your toys you want to take along for the ride. So we've come up with some top tips for the safest and most discreet way to whisk your favourite pleasure tool away with you.


Taking a good, long-lasting lubricant on holiday with you is almost an essential. The stress, climate change and any differences in your diet can affect your body's natural lubricant so your fluid levels may need to be topped up.

However, there are some issues with taking liquids aboard a plane and you'll have to follow some strict guidelines. The general airport rules are:

  1. Liquids must be in a container under 100ml in capacity. So if you have a 250ml bottle with only 100ml of lube in, they'll still confiscate it! Make sure both the container and liquid are under 100ml and you'll be fine.
  2. Only 10 containers of liquid are allowed, amounting to 1000ml. So if you plan on taking toothpaste, mouth wash, deodorant and skin-care products, you may need to make that difficult decision between taking silicone or water-based lubricant, rather than both.
  3. All liquids must comfortably fit in a resealable bag approximately 20cm x 20cm. If you can't seal the bag because it's overflowing, you'll be asked to discard some of the products.

An ideal way to make sure your lubes stay with you throughout your entire trip is to take sample bottles or sachets. 

"I don't know how that got there, Officer…"

Every bag at the airport is automatically x-rayed and many are hand-searched too. Use your common sense and pack your sex toys in your checked/hold luggage rather than your hand luggage.

If you have hold luggage, it is generally agreed that you will be on holiday for long enough that you'll need a nail file, tweezers and other bits and pieces that would otherwise be confiscated if found in your hand luggage - and this is the same with sex toys.

It is far more acceptable to have vibrators in your suitcase than your handbag when travelling. Plus, having your expensive toys disposed of by airport security is likely to leave you both out of pocket and heartbroken!

Sun, Sea, Sand and Sex Toys

There are no definitive rules for taking your sex toys travelling with you. It will often vary from airport to airport and airline to airline. Whilst EasyJet might turn a blind eye to your dildo, British Airways might consider it to be a lethal weapon and ask you to surrender it to customs!

Here is a quick and easy list of which sex toys are travel-friendly and which aren't:


- Mini vibrators are ideal for taking on holiday as they are lightweight and discreet. If a customs official takes it out of your bag, it's clear to see what it is but it won't attract interest from other passengers.

- Massager vibrators will spare you any embarrassment as they can be passed off as a relaxation aid. 

- Disposable items like finger rings, are ideal for travelling as they're small and cheap, so it won't matter if they go missing or get confiscated by customs.

- Rechargeable Vibrators are a great idea as you don't need to carry batteries. Rechargeable sex toys are very quiet, so won't disturb roommates or the prudish couple in the next hotel room. Just remember to charge it fully before you go.


- Expensive, luxury or designer sex toys should be left at home. If it gets crushed in the baggage shuffle, gets taken away by customs or goes missing you'll be losing more than just your sex drive.

- Taking a mains powered sex toy aboard a plane is likely to cause more trouble than it's worth. The metal components, wires and power supplies will show up on X-rays and look more than a little bit dodgy! If it does get through customs, you'll need to buy a power convertor to make sure it works in the country you're travelling to as well.

- Bondage gear should be packed with caution. Though bondage tape and blindfolds will be fine, your electro sex toys and clit clamps will probably end up in the bin.

- The rules on carrying batteries are a bit hazy so be cautious and take them out of all your sex toys. You can easily buy more at that airport you land in and they'll be new and fresh, for a stronger buzz!

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